The safety of our workers is our number one priority and a part of our culture for decades. We are committed to the highest standards to safety consistent with sound construction practices.

SAFETY WORKS is the slogan we live by!

Our commitment to safety begins in the early stages of every project through to its completion. Operating safely is a company goal that every employee adheres to. The safety of our employees as well as the safety of the general public are first in our minds at all times.

Fleming has made a commitment to safety by enlisting all employees from laborers to the president. The entire management team is safety driven through our established program that includes:

  • Corporate Safety Policy/Program
  • Accident Prevention Policy
  • New employee safety orientation and training
  • Weekly tool box talks
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • Pre-job safety planning
  • Weekly job visits by safety manager
  • Quarterly foreman and supervisor meetings and incentives
  • In house and outside certification training